DJ Loves You

Art heals. Music Saves.

We sing with our heroes 33 rounds per minute. 

The Gaslight Anthem


Intuitive abstract painter mostly inspired by music and color. There is as much Gaslight Anthem, Matt Mays, BTS, and Taylor Swift in these pictures as layers of paint. 

Painting shows me how to connect with the creative power that transcends identity and connects us all. A power that seems to be more accessible with music, and that gives us the joy that carries us through the dark places. Painting is about letting go and surrender as much as it is about creation. I never have a final picture in mind and I let it be what it wants to be. What emerges is way more interesting and joyful to discover. Every painting is a draft and it could be gone tomorrow.  

The feeling of worlds looking in on top of other worlds often comes up. I like that. It's like I'm leaving the past on the canvas and you can see little pieces of it but even if you can't see it it is still there adding depth to the piece. Following the clues on the canvases is like a giant VR quest. The clues are always so clear when I pay attention.

Painting came to me unexpectedly and if you're open to it, there is magic in the unexpected.

"I never wanted to be a painter; I wanted to be a tap dancer." --Andy Warhol (and me)

I Feel Good


30 X 40 in canvas

Blondie Before

acrylic, soft pastel, 24 X 36 in canvas

Blondie Middle

still in progress

Red Sky Night and the Blues, Mary

acrylic, 16 X 20 in canvas

I will love you back to life.

soft pastel, acrylic, 16 X 20 in canvas