DJ Loves You

Art heals. Music Saves.

We sing with our heroes 33 rounds per minute. 

The Gaslight Anthem


I'm a new painter experimenting mostly with intuitive painting. Sometimes I start with a picture in mind but most times I just pick the colors, play the music, and start brushing away the story. Since I started in 2023, I have painted and painted over over a hundred practice pieces--trying things and learning as I make up and uncover stories to songs. At times I feel like a cave person sitting, staring, watching figures and futures unfold on the walls as I heal my heavy mind. My perspective and the story changes eacb time I flip the canvas. This is therapy. It's about letting go as much as it's about creation. There is freedom in the messiness of it. All of these are inspired by music in some way--songs, lyrics, album colors, portraits, rhythms, harmonies. Painting has showed me how to connect with the creative power that is and has always been there, that transcends identity, and that gives us the joy that will carry us through the dark places. Following the clues on the canvases is like a giant VR quest where I get to uncover the interconnectedness of everything. Painting came to me unexpectedly and if you're open to it, there is magic in the unexpected.

"I never wanted to be a painter; I wanted to be a tap dancer." --Andy Warhol

I Feel Good


30 X 40 in canvas

Garbo, Smoke, and Deceit


30 X 40 in canvas


acrylic, charcoal

30 X 40 in canvas

Blondie Before

acrylic, soft pastel, 24 X 36 in canvas

Blondie After

still in progress

Red Sky Night and the Blues, Mary

acrylic, 16 X 20 in canvas

I Am the Warrior.

acrylic, soft pastel, 30 X 36 in canvas

I will love you back to life.

soft pastel, acrylic, 16 X 20 in canvas